Saturday, August 13, 2005

Creating Happiness

I hope calm will return to my turbulent soul and my body again feels the energy of life that has left a long time ago. The toils of living are hard to imagine when I am a thousand times better off than people who suffer floods and famine, malnutrition and disease. Yet, I feel the same pain. Is that part and parcel of being human? I do not know of anyone truly happy with life. In varying degrees we are all unhappy people. How do you get rid of things or get out of situations that may you unhappy that are inevitably caused by others? I have my coping strategies but they do not work all the time. Happiness is elusive but on the other hand, we are able to create our own happiness or unhappiness. Perhaps we should start from within, with ourselves. Remembering the lyrics from the song "The Garden Party" - "Can't please everybody so you gotta please yourself".

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