Saturday, August 27, 2005

Redemption piece

After my second art lesson on oil painting, I was very excited by the feel of using oil as a medium of artistic expression. Even though my initial class exercises were rather disastrous having drawn a head of lettuce that looked like a green blob and another one that I have thrown away because it was really ugly, I was undeterred and sought to redeem myself by attempting to paint these three colourful capsicums. I did not manage to complete the painting as I did not have the time to paint continuously and the poor vegetables degenerated in my fridge to a state when they were too pathetic looking to be painted. I showed my art teacher who commented that in the last painting of the lone capsicum, I could have made the red warmer by adding more yellow. Anyway, colour aside, the capsicum attempt was at least an improvement over the lettuce painting.

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