Saturday, August 20, 2005


This is the latest update on my painting of sunflowers. No one in the family liked the previous table cloth of multi-coloured dots. I explained that those dots were flowers of various hues stretching into the distance where they meet the cloudless blue sky. My daughter did not buy that explanation or lame excuse for a shoddy finish and finally I thought I should just paint over it and then figure out what to do from there. One thing good about oil painting is that you can cover up mistakes or remove parts that upset you (or other people). The only snag is that it cannot be done too many times. This painting is beginning to look very over worked with layers of paint. The sunflower at rim of the vase is in danger of becoming abstract art. However, I have managed to correct the shape of the vase. The previous painting had a vase that was rather squat and ungainly. Tomorrow I shall make the final attempt to improve on the green by changing it into a checkered table cloth and try to make the petals less sickly looking.


fish said...

Huh ! For a moment I thought I went to a VanGogh painting!!!! Wanna see real sunflowers ? Or have you seen ? Let's all go to Yunnan

Heliconia said...

Thanks Fish (Rosemary?) for dropping by and taking an interest in my sunflower painting. Yes, Van Gogh is my favourite artist and I guess his influence is pretty strong here.I hope to have my own style later on.

Yunnan or Shangri-La? If I don't get to go, maybe I'll grow some in my garden and all of you are invited for sunflower viewing-cum-tea.