Friday, September 09, 2005

An Artist's Journey

I am just an artist at heart with a goal to develop my abilities in drawing and painting so that one day I will achieve something in life that I am truly happy with.
This blog was started to lodge my thoughts and reflections on how I am progressing with oil painting in parallel with the steps that I am taking to make my dream come true. I then opened up the blog to classmates I met at a class reunion as a convenient platform for sharing photos taken of our gathering as well as to invite comments about my beginner efforts in oil painting. In total I had two comments - one on the photo and the other one on my sunflower painting. I thought - everyone must really be too busy to look at the paintings except for the one who at least took an interest with an enquiry although not related to the painting.
So I have changed the name of the blog to this current one to make it my own again and to hope that there are others passing by who might at least say 'Hi' if they like my paintings or if they have some constructive feedback to give to help me improve or just to give me moral support to carry on exploring. But I do realise that the journey is mine and mine alone and that I will not give up in my quest to realise what I have always wanted to do - that is to be a real artist, not to have to work a full-time job that only allows me to paint sporadically because the time that an artist needs is not a luxury at my disposal.
This is my journey and I hope to meet kind and supportive people along the way so that in turn I can reciprocate their kindness by providing the same kind of support. Now I will pray about what I hope for as I continue my journey in cyberspace talking to myself and perhaps to others with similar dreams and pursuits as well.

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