Saturday, October 01, 2005

First outdoor painting

It was in the month of February this year that our art teacher took us to this park in Marina South for our first outdoor painting session. When we arrived we looked for a place where we would be protected from the heat of the sun on a typically hot Saturday.
Others soon found the scene they wanted to paint while I had a bit of a problem. So I walked around, took some shots and tried to get a feel of which part of the park appealed to me. Constrained by where I was to paint i.e. in the shade of the shelter, I decided to paint these trees as I thought that they were rather unusual. I think they are some kind of Australian gum tree with rather interesting bark on their trunks.

After about 4 hours and after everyone else has left, I managed to reach this stage of my endeavour.

I did the outline of everything and manged to complete the base. It had not been raining for a while and the grass was dry. The differentiation in the colour of the grass made it quite a tedious task to paint accurately. That explained why I took so long to reach this level of completion. An accomplished artist would have painted the entire scene in one sitting. Since I was only beginning to grasp the concepts of tones and shades, I was satisfied with this state of the painting at that point in time.

I returned to the park on my own a few weeks later and spent another 4 hours to complete the painting but it still needed a finishing touch. I felt that I did not manage to capture the correct lighting as what I had was rather gloomy considering that I had painted on sunny mornings. Over the next few months I tried unsuccessfully to paint on site. I returned to the park on 3 occasions but events prevented me from setting foot into the park. On the first occasion, I had packed everything I needed into the car and on arrival found that I had forgotten to bring along the painting - signs of oncoming dementia! On the second occasion, my husband had a call about some urgent business at work and we had to turn back. On the last occasion, I drove to the park on my own only to find that the road leading to it was barricaded because there was some kind of a fitness run - control, control...I was really upset and the policeman who was re-directing traffic pretended not to notice.

So here it is - the painting that resisted further work on it after the second painting. Exasperated by my failed efforts to paint at the park, I did the final touching up at home with mixtures of yellow to give some indication of sunlight coming through - straight from my imagination.

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