Sunday, December 25, 2005

Preparation to sketch II

Christmas day signals the end of the lax December month of vacations, get-togethers with the impending new year advancing menacingly with work to be carried out for another cycle from January to December with nothing new in sight. It is with this feeling of loss that prompted me to prepare sketches for a new painting as if to reclaim a sense of fulfilment that had eluded me in the past few months. I had really wanted to make use of this prolonged weekend to paint but there were so many things to do. Friend's kids spent the entire long weekend over at our place and my husband took over like an enthusiastic camp leader - cycling, cinema, playstation, x-box - the bustle of activity at home made it impossible to dwell on artistic pursuits.
Now everyone is at a book shop and I am left alone, at last with the PC. The machine-washed (bless this invention) bedsheets and towels are hung out to dry in the weak rays of the sun but at least, the laundry is done. I hope tomorrow will afford me the luxury of starting on a painting of a Tibetan girl. I made several sketches in preparation for the canvas. The details of her outfit show an interesting mix of traditional and modern and it would not be difficult to paint. I foresee that I will have difficulty painting the face as I have never done any portraits before. I hope that I will get the skin colours right and work out along the way the differentiation and tones and how to apply the different shades of paint to get a credible likeness to the photo. This will be a challenge to me and I look forward to it. The trouble is that I need to have at least a whole day to devote to the initial painting and time like this is rare and seldom come by.

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