Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An attempt to paint

Having had the urge to paint for the past two weeks but not having the time to do so, I decided that I should at least make an effort to get started on a new painting today as it is a public holiday. I have been doing drawings of the Tibetan girl but I think this will have to be postponed in favour a subject that I believe is more manageable. So this morning, I went to the market to buy some fresh flowers. Came back in the late morning to arrange them nicely in a vase and then to start painting. I did not anticipate that the preparation of the flower display would take as long as an hour. First it was deciding on a suitable vase and after that cutting the stalks of flowers to the right lengths and then the toughest task was to arrange the flowers to make an interesting visual for painting. My sketches depict how tedious the process was. When I finally got what I thought was good enough to paint, the family wanted to go shopping. Between spending time as a family and spending time alone with my painting, I chose the former. So we ended up hopping from one shopping centre to the next and bought lots of nice shoes and clothes for my son and daughter. The shopping spree ended with dinner and then the kids went to watch a movie while we went home. I looked longingly at my blank canvas and wished I could start but my husband decided to watch a Jacky Chan movie on VCD called "Myth" - way out but like all Jacky Chan Movies, okay as a time filler. Today's exercise with the flower arrangement taught me a thing or two about painting flowers. I should have bought more of the smaller white flowers because they need to be teased out from the bunch to make the arrangment looser and more natural. As it was, I had only 3 bunches and cutting them would result in useless sprigs that would not survive a day.

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