Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chinatown Hawker

I realise that despite trying to use pencils at one time, I still prefer to use ink. I like strong lines and impact and pencils are too soft for my liking. One morning, I discovered a book on "Chinese Heritage" that has a chapter on Trade and Business and there were many photos of interesting characters like the woman hawker in Chinatown selling vegetables by the road. I chose to draw this particular woman because I thought she has a very proud demeanour by the way she tilts her head and her posture as she sits there selling her vegetables. Yet her outstretched left hand with a slightly open palm appears to be asking people to help her out by buying something from her.
This first drawing did not capture the proudness, I felt but it gave me a good appreciation of the character in terms of structural composition. So I did a second drawing.

I did not complete this one as I felt that I had not done justice to the facial expression and she looked more male than female so I did a final drawing that I was at least happy with:

Conclusion: I should stick to ink and develop my skills here. I would like to paint this character but since the photo was in black and white, I would have to use my imagination to get the colours right.

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