Monday, September 11, 2006

Bougainvilla painting - reflections

I spent Sunday morning painting the stems and adding in more leaves where the fence is and to fill up the background. The stems were rather thick and so I painted over the edges to reduce the thickness.

One day later, I spent an afternoon to change the colour of the background to give it a tinge of orangy brown (cadmium red, white and burnt sienna) so that it does not look so dull. My daughter commented that the stems were too strong in colour and competed with the fowers for attention. So I muted the texture but looks like I might have overdone it. Will have to do some remedial work tomorrow. I am considering replacing the iron-wrought fence which is the same colour as the stems with a wooden fence that has a lighter colour. My daughter got it right when she said "you don't have to paint what is there, you only need to get the balance right."

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