Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rain or shine, we'll be fine

I have been putting off painting on the excuse that I did not have a few days' of uninterrupted peace of mind to devote myself entirely to painting. Last night I decided to procrastinate no more and started on a small painting of a vase of flowers because I found myself a good reason to do so. A friend is now undergoing a turbulent patch in her life and though I am unable to help directly, I wanted her to know that there is always hope if we choose to look at the brighter side of life even when we are surrounded by "sham and drudgery" (Desiderata). The sunflower was our motto at work and we had often drawn strength from the line "Rain or shine, we'll be fine." I hope she still holds on to this line to stay afloat and happy in life.

My painting took me 4 hours to complete. It was the first time that I was using acrylic to produce a painting that was only the size of a postcard. Initially I did not use the right brushes and had a frustrating time trying to get the paints to stick. I think I might have used brushes meant for water colours. Then when I discovered the right brushes to use I had to experiement with colours and strokes to make the flowers look like flowers. I might have overdone that part a little and the result is that I had more flowers than reality. The important thing was that I was discovering and learning along the way and this is truly a great way to educate oneself.

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