Thursday, December 21, 2006

Custard Apple

I was attracted to these custard apples primarily because of the colours. They are usually green in colour turning yellowish green when ripe. When I bought these two custard apples, they were not yet ripe and as I so happened to come across a good set of oil pastels while on holiday I decided to try them out over two days as these fruits lay on the coffee table of the hotel room that I was staying in.

At first, I was not used to the pastels as they were slippery and I could not put colours upon each other as easily as I could with acrylics and oil paints. But I soon got used to the medium and rather enjoyed this first attempt. The 'V' is not my signature but put there to remind me that while I was doing the drawing I was also watching the in-house movie channel showing 'V for Vendatta'.

This is the second drawing that I did the following day. The fruit was different from the one used the day before. This time I decided to be freer in the use of colours that are not as close to the original colour tones.

In this final drawing on the third day, I thought that I should focus on the texture of the skin and make clearer definitions of each individual piece of the 'scales'. I also paid more attention to the shades so that there is a more 3-D effect.

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