Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oil pastels

This was the view of my hotel room. We have been holidaying at this resort in Malacca for a number of years and have seen how this view has evolved from nothing to what you see here. The latest development that surprised me was the brand new mosque that appeared within a year since our last visit.

This is the second time I am using oil pastels to draw. I only realised the limitations of the 24-colour pack that I bought when I completed this drawing. I realised that the inability to find close matches in colour was an indication that I should have invested in a set that had contained more colours. Now I can see the difference between oil pastels and oil paints or acrylic paints - that oils and acrylics are still far more flexible and easy to use than pastels. No wonder my drawing looks like that of a birthday cake, a remark by my husband that I was not very pleased with at first. But then, he is right.

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