Friday, December 29, 2006

Tibetan woman

I decided at 9pm (yesterday) to draw this Tibetan woman whom I had a picture taken with in Qiuzhaigou, China last year. This colour-pencil drawing replaces the oil painting that I had wanted to do of a Tibetan woman ever since I returned from my trip. I never got down to it but last night, I made up my mind to set a target for completion. The fastest way to do it was to use pencils but I was really lacking in skill there.

So I had to pick up some basic skills in using coloured pencils from this book that I've had in my possession for a few years. It is a very old publication but it was really a gem. I browsed the essential points in about 20 minutes after I coloured the face and the hat and found that it wasn't really very appealing. Perhaps I had overdone the ruddy cheeks bit.It took me 3 hours to complete this drawing - the first coloured pencil drawing I ever did in my adulthood. At the end of it I find that I like the background best because it was freehand and relaxing. The rest of the picture was pure labour but through all that self-learning, I came to understand at least the very basics of using pencils to do portraits. One more thing is that I should really get a good set of pencils. Those I used had lead that kept breaking.


joyisonesfuel said...

Really well done...just showed my husband and he is very impressed! Thanks for sharing.

Hermione said...

Thank you and your comment is the fuel that will keep me burning in my journey to give my best to art. Cheers and Happy New Year to you, your husband and kids.