Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My son's drawing :-)

Here's the last of my son's holiday assignment which was to draw a portrait of someone.He did it with full concentration yesterday and how can a mum not be proud of this result? It was interesting how he had arrived at the choice of whom to draw. I offered the photo of the tribal woman and the drawing I made for him to do something much better than what I had managed. He would rather draw a portrait from a photo of his sister and after seeing her about the possibility, he decided to draw this member of the band the 'Used" which is currently their favourite band. So he chose this photo from the internet and though it is his first effort at portrait, he shows so much artistic potential with just this coloured-pencil drawing. It doesn't matter that the resemblance to the original is not 100% but it was great that he gave his full attention to the task and the interpretation was unique and was more about him than it was about drawing a perfect replica of the subject. I hope that art will become a joy to him as he gets into the essence of art is all about. Once we like and enjoy little successes in what we do, we will be spurred on to better things - for sure!

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