Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday morning inspiration

My hibiscus plant growing in the shade of the mighty bougainvilla. A humble shrub that has only a single flower and a few small buds waiting for the rain to trigger blooming. The sun fell on its leaves through the bougainvilla crown leaving speckles of sunlight on some of the leaves.

I thought I should just experiment with colour mixing. Basic stuff - ultramarine blue on the right of the palette and cadmium yellow on the left to mix a range of greens. Darkening and lightening various shades with black and white as I applied them on the canvas to form the leaves. Darn, can't really focus as I kept forgetting which set of leaves I was painting.

In the end, I just decided to go on creating the impression of a likeness to the subject. Dapple, dapple, yellowish green, yellow and white where the sun reflects off the leaves and darker shades of green with more blue added for those not affected. Then using a thin brush I went about to define the shapes of some of the leaves. I then noticed that the stalks of the leaves were red and using the edge of a flat brush painted them in. The lines, I realise are too thick and I should have used a very thin brush.

This photo was taken in the afternoon when the sun was strongest, hence the difference between the coolness of the painting and the flat tones of the leaves in the bright sunlight. I did not set out this morning to do a painting. Just wanted to play around with paints and forms. A long way to go and what a long journey. I think I shall just enjoy the journey without having to think about whether I will arrive or not. Such a laid-back attitude to painting but then why should I hurry since I can paint at leisure and for my own pleasure alone.

A reminder of the colours I used for this exercise.

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