Friday, May 11, 2007

Heliconia painting - reflections

I started painting yesterday morning. It was not a very good effort because oil paint takes a long time to dry and when I added new colours, they just merged with the previous layers and the result was mud. So I put blobs of paint thickly onto the bracts if the flower and used a painting knife to spread the paint and in the process discovered what a painting knife could do.
This painting above was the result after about 2 hours of labour trying to get the paints to work for me.

In the afternoon, after lunch, I worked on the buds supported by the bracts. Though the colours were yellow and green on the photograph of the flower, I preferred to use purple mixed from alizarin red and ultramarine blue. The intention here was just to mark out the forms of the bud and the details will be worked out later. No one at home liked this rendition of the heliconia. My husband prefers the previous version and daughter said the snake-like texture on the bracts gives here goose-pimples. My son said it was okay, quite nice. His dad asked if he is saying it only because Mother's Day is coming and he did not want to make me unhappy. I told them that I only need their views and will not take offence for the only way to improve is to be willing to make changes for the better. Details enlarged.

I shall clean off the scaly parts and try again. This is just part of my learning journey and I am enjoying the process for I have the rest of my life to experiment with art. At the end of the day I did not want to waste the left-over paints on the palette and so I thought I would just do something for fun with them.

So I took this photo of a sunflower...and used up the remaining paints to produce this painting in 20 minutes:

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