Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Re-painting plan

On Sunday I decided to remove the scaly texture of the heliconia petals so that I can re-paint the heliconia flower. The scaly texture I gave the petals did not work very well. What I had gained from the experiment was learning through trial and error how to use the palette knife to create patterns on thick layers of paint. In figuring out how to remove the mistake made, I learned that to remove oil paint that is still wet, I could use a piece of cloth soaked with some turpentine to wipe it off gently. For the bits that had dried, I used the palette knife to scrape them off. Considering that it was just working on common sense, I did not do too badly. I did not remove the paint completely as I needed the base colour to help me get started on applying new layers of paint. So the painting is on the easel waiting for me to gather inspiration again.
Latest Painting on 6 Jun 2007, details to be done when the paint dries.

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