Thursday, May 10, 2007

Son's new painting

My son's painting assignment is really cool. He took photos of the flowers found in his school and put them into a few designs for the teacher's comments. She selected this particular one which I think is very artistic in the way the flowers are arranged. The vertical format gives a feeling of what catches the eye at the first instance which is the lilac-coloured bracts of the bougainvilla flower because it is the most attractive. Then one moves on to the unusual but less vibrant green alaria at the point when the flower is turning into fruit. At the top the Spider Lily again arrests your attention with its graceful, wavy petals and at the top, the promise of more flowers to come. Painting is laborious but the results are fulfilling indeed.

10 May 07

11 May 07

I was with him watching him paint for about 20 mins before he called it a day. Seeing him applying the paint meticulously with such results inspire me to paint. I shall, this morning.

Green Aralia.

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