Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This was a fun painting that was done in 2 hours after I had tried to salvage my heliconia painting that took the same amount of time. Today has been a good day in that I was in the mood to paint and I had an afternoon that was uninterrupted by chores or grocery shopping.

After I painted Shrek, my daughter came and took a look at it. She declared that it was scary compared with the real Shrek. Okay, he was more green than he should be and not as friendly looking, that I agree. My daughter also observed that my Shrek's face was more oval than square in shape and that made me more aware that in painting people, I should establish the face shape right from the beginning. I did not and that was a mistake.

Next, I painted the donkey. This was easier to paint and was an improvement over the painting of Shrek. After that was done, I realised that I did not have enough space for the cat. I thought of leaving it out. Instead, I tilted it to the left and it turned out to be the best painting of the three.

I like to think that Shrek was the warming up exercise, Donkey was the fun character that made me more relaxed at painting and the cat was the challenge to myself that I had to get it right and I did. When my kids saw the finished painting, they thought it was cool though the characters, especially Shrek, did not resemble the original. I had fun, that was cool for me. Don't know what to do with the painting. Maybe put it up on Yahoo Auctions. My daughter advised against that as she said it would be very sad for me if no one wanted to buy it. Doesn't matter, this exericise gave us something to talk about in a fun way today.

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