Monday, October 01, 2007

Heliconia - Labour of Learning

It's been quite a while since I last painted. Today I was in the mood to paint even though time was scarce. I decided to do something about the unfinished heliconia painting. I shall not give up on this painting even though I should have a long time ago because it has withstood overpainting to the point of muddied colours, undergone a process of scraping because the texture I applied was considered ugly by my daughter, withstood long periods of languishing, hidden behind another painting while waiting for renewal or destruction.

Today, I managed to salvage the bracts of the heliconia flower by loading on generous amounts of Cadmium yellow. I want the flower to be more vibrant, less 2-D and worthy of the background that I had painted at the start of my labour. I discovered that I was hindered in my progress partly because I had wanted to duplicate the colours exactly resulting in over-mixing colours. So I decided that getting the exact colours should take a back seat while I concentrate on the tones and how to make the flower come alive.

After about two hours working on this painting I think I have managed to break away from the stalemate. To be continued...Today has been a relatively good day because for one I picked up my brushes and painted after so long.

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