Saturday, December 08, 2007


I was looking at some old photos taken of flowers that I have filed away for the day when I could digitise them. When I saw this photo of a bunch of frangipani flowers against the water of a swimming pool, I felt the urge to paint it. It is not a particularly attractive bunch of flowers as I have taken pictures of more alluring blooms of the same kind of flowers. Something in that picture suggests that beauty is not just what you see on the surface. Everything before our eyes can be a potential art subject. We just need to take that object and look at it more thoroughly and the inner beauty will surface. I started by doing some drawings to get a feel of of the shape and texture of these flowers and also taking note of the variations in tone.

When I was outlining the shape of the subject, I found the leaves to be more interesting partly because the flowers appeared more complicated to capture with the brush as it needs more concentration power which I did not have enough of when I started painting. The painting above took about two hours before I stopped for dinner. The state of this painting was arrived at from where I left off last night after about two hours. I have put in more details of the veins on the leaf on the left-hand side of the flowers and painted the background with a combination of ultramarine blue and white. I have made the painting appear rather cold and will have to figure out how to raise the temperature a little, perhaps I could make the water more abstract and give it a tinge of a warm colour to reduce the coldness. My next big challenge would be getting the flowers to look bright and beautiful.

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