Sunday, January 27, 2008


I took a day off and went gallivanting by myself. I needed the exercise even if it was to move up and down escalators and in and out of shops. Shopping is a physical activity. At the end of 2 hours, I was tired and found a little cafe that was empty except for the waitresses handing out leaflets to passers-by. I liked the emptiness though it wasn't good for business. I guess business will be better towards dinner time. So I was grateful to be seated at the very back of the cafe facing the unobstructed entrance. I ordered a passion fruit tea and when it came I decided to take out my sketch pad and do a few drawings so that time will pass more quickly while I wait for my son to call.
I did three drawings starting with what was on the table, next to a baby in a pram that was next to a lady having tea with her husband. A Nepali waitress chatted with me telling me about her country and I said that I would like to visit it someday. She liked my drawings and I was glad.

Initially, I was disturbed that the proportions were not right. But then art is a matter of perception. I do not think that I have to replicate what I see with 100% accuracy. It was just the experience of puting things down on paper that mattered. So even though I have not duplicated what I saw exactly this drawing depicts how I had given every ounce of concentration to every item on the table.This drawing of the baby in the pram was more challenging because it was about 10 meters away from my table. What fascinated me were the tiny feet of the baby and they were what I started with. These two characters were the Ah Beng and Ah Huay stereotypes. They were outside the cafe and my eyesight being less than perfect, I could only manage impressions only. I enjoyed these sketches because I was safe from being discovered. I should really do drawings like these more often.

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